Avoid the Zombie Horde….The Uninsured Photographer


Our story begins………….

The room is dark and musty. Suddenly you hear a blood-curdling scream from aunt Fay! A rusty old light stand has tipped over on her and the zombie heard is unleashed. The zombies are relentless, teeth gnashing, flesh-devouring and not something to be trifled with. What are these Zombies you ask? They are the unsuspecting guests who were assaulted by the Photographers light stand or perhaps they tripped over a cord.

Unfortunately, they are now your problem. Now that you have hired your cousin or an uninsured photographer the lawsuits can be aimed directly at you.

Did you Know?

Having an uninsured photographer or family friend is your liability. Most venues require liability insurance of all vendors. Some city parks also require photographers have liability insurance. Some cities or parks go as far to even ask that they are added to the insurance policy.

Are you insured?
Is one of the first questions to ask your potential photographer. If the answer is “yes,” ask as many questions as you like to determine if the relationship is right for you. If the answer is “no,” however, do not pass GO! Run or you could find yourself devoured by the zombie heard.

When facing large medical bills, people sue easily! You need to be protected.

Click here for a anti-zombie photographer


If your a photographer and you need help growing check these guys out the rock: 5DayDeal


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